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Gilles Detry


Gilles Detry is the main rider of the Catwalk Horse Team. Making his name and fame during his YR years, Gilles is now competing in mostly 2 and 3 stars competitions. 

'Never change a winning team.'

Philippe Lejeune


Former World champion Philippe Lejeune is our stable trainer and manager.

'It all begins with good flat work, without cement you can not build a wall.'

Stephanie Clabau



As Philippe is the sportive manager of the stables, Stephanie is the manager of organisation. Stephanie is also playing a big role in the breeding departement. Together with specialists and the other members of the team she tries to invest in the best possible pedigrees.

'The best or nothing.'

Kate Pyrcioch



Coming over from Dubai, United states and Ashford farms, Polish groom Kate is a real topper in her category. She is our main groom and will always be seen on shows with Gilles and the horses.

'If you do the best for your horse, definitely he will follow you in the progress.' 

Piercarlo Carcereri



Piercarlo, PC, is the homerider of the Catwalk Horse Team. He came to Belgium in 2017 and trained with Phillippe Lejeune for a couple of months. Beginning of 2018 PC started working for our team!

'Keep on trying and always interpret people's advise in a positive way.'

Junot Detry


Junot is responsible for the publicity and communication of the stables. Together with Stephanie he is also involved in the breeding department of the farm. Junot rode untill the age of sixteen but then decided to quit after going to boarding school.

'Never fear your challenges.'



Last but not least, the most important creature of the stables; Iggy! Guarding the horses and the domain 24/7. We can decide that he's the one with the toughest job...

'Safety first! and then rabbits.'

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